11 Times Joy Reid Bashed Gays

11 Times Joy Reid Bashed Gays

For two whole years, Reid maintained a crusade to personally destroy then-Governor Charlie Crist (R-FL) with the worst kind of hateful gay-bashing I have ever seen outside of a high school, much less from a prominent figure working in the legitimate media.

Outing Charlie Crist with an unproven conspiracy theory:

Reid utilizing the worst kinds of gay stereotypes to mock Crist’s wedding:

After writing more than a dozen blatantly homophobic taunts directed at Crist, his wife, and the gay population at large, Reid still has her cushy weekend anchor position.

My point here is to take a look at the actions and decisions made by NBC News as a means to interpret the news outlet’s values and morality, which in this case is painfully obvious…

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