2020: Julian Castro Running to Be ‘Antidote to Donald Trump’

2020: Julian Castro Running to Be ‘Antidote to Donald Trump’

According to a Friday NBC News report, Castro is expected to announce his candidacy on Saturday in San Antonio, Texas.

Before the event, he blasted Trump’s border wall as a “dumb way to use our resources” and claimed many Latinos feel “targeted” by Trump.

Now, as NBC News notes, Castro has “since been eclipsed by other Democratic stars” like Robert Francis “Beto” O’Rourke.

Castro has said he will not accept PAC money during his campaign and embraced Medicare for All this week ahead of his expected presidential announcement.

“There is no reason, as many folks have pointed out, that in the richest nation on earth, anybody should go without health care,” Castro said earlier this week “I believe that we need universal health care, that we should do… Medicare for all in this country.”

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