American Verizon Workers Win Better Deal in Outsourcing Scheme

American Verizon Workers Win Better Deal in Outsourcing Scheme

As Breitbart News has chronicled, many Americans at Verizon were told their jobs are being outsourced to an Indian firm named Infosys.

Today — after Breitbart News’s reporting and complaints to the CEO and executives from the American workers at Verizon — those 1,500 Americans professionals were told that they will be eligible for the resign-and-severance-package plan.

Attorney Sara Blackwell, who fights for American workers in offshoring cases, told Breitbart News the American workers are ecstatic about the news that they have at least been given more options, as their jobs are eventually expected to be offshored to India.

“For me, after doing this for four years fighting this [outsourcing and offshoring] business model, I’m so grateful for at least this kind of win,” Blackwell said.

In the case of Verizon, American workers say their jobs are first being moved over to Infosys, where they will eventually be offshored to India altogether.

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