Answers to Italy's Complex Coronavirus Question

Answers to Italy's Complex Coronavirus Question

The Italian government began implementing partial solutions by quarantining specific areas, known as “red zones.” Then on March 7, the government quarantined the nation’s entire northern Lombardy region — as well as a few provinces in neighboring regions — which accounted for roughly 16 million of the nation’s population.

The paper discovered a correlation between countries where multi-generational households are common and higher coronavirus fatality rates, reports Wall Street Journal.

And the average age of coronavirus patients keeps dropping, as one Italian nurse noted, “the average age has dropped, around 55, 60 years old — 30-year-old males also come in on an oxygen crisis,” reported Il Giornale.

“We can’t invent new intensive care unit beds,” explained doctor Marco Vergano of San Giovanni Bosco Hospital in Turin.

So far, the coronavirus has been deadlier in New Orleans than it has been in the rest of the U.S., as it has a per-capita death rate significantly higher than New York City, reported Reuters on Thursday, adding that data suggests that the greater prevalence of obesity in New Orleans is a contributing factor.

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