Big Business, GOP Unite to Strip Trump of Tariff Powers

Big Business, GOP Unite to Strip Trump of Tariff Powers

An alliance between globalist donors and pundits, the big business lobby, and a handful of Republican lawmakers are uniting to attempt to strip President Donald Trump of his powers to implement tariffs to protect American jobs and U.S. industry from unfair, foreign competition.

The free trade legislation proposed by Gallagher, Toomey, and Sasse would require that Congress approve of such protective tariffs before their implementation.

“The legislation is a thinly veiled attempt by globalists and the multinational import lobby to prevent the president from protecting our national security and economic security interests,” Stumo said.

Stumo told Breitbart News that Congress and multinational corporations are having “delegator’s remorse” after giving the executive branch authority to implement tariffs years ago to protect the American economy.

Supporting the plan to strip Trump of his tariff powers is an alliance of globalist donors, “Never Trump” pundits, business organizations, and corporate executives.

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