Big Tech 'should be ashamed' for censoring Hunter Biden report: Rep. McCarthy

Big Tech 'should be ashamed' for censoring Hunter Biden report: Rep. McCarthy

House GOP Leader Kevin McCarthy slammed Big Tech on Sunday for censoring users who tried to share a New York Post article about Hunter Biden, saying Facebook and Twitter should “be ashamed of how they’re so clearly trying to aid the Joe Biden campaign.”

Ted Cruz, Lindsey Graham and Josh Hawley on Thursday called on the heads of Twitter and Facebook to testify before Congress, as critics claimed the social media platforms have been censoring reporting critical of Democrats.

“The American public desires free speech, so the federal government created a liability protection for tech companies to have a platform like Facebook and Twitter for liability protection where they cannot be sued so they just let information out and people are able to say what they want,” McCarthy said.

“But now, we’re watching that Big Tech is using this and censoring individuals,” he continued, adding that the social media platforms are “censoring” the federal government, newspapers and Americans “based upon what they believe.”

“But just as [House Speaker] Nancy Pelosi has held any COVID relief for the American public, she has held up any legislation that will hold Big Tech accountable,” McCarthy continued.

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