'Black Panther' Criticized for Lack of LGBT Representation

'Black Panther' Criticized for Lack of LGBT Representation

Marvel Studios’ upcoming blockbuster Black Panther has been criticized for its lack of LGBT representation, and the particular exclusion of a lesbian scene featured in the comic book on which the superhero film is based.

And these hopes were encouraged by reports that an early screening of the film featured Walking Dead star Danai Gurira’s Okoye staring at Ayo flirtatiously as the two danced.”

However, when fans of the comics watched Black Panther during early screenings, they noticed an absence of lesbian romance, and immediately started a Twitter campaign under the hashtag #LetAyoHaveAGirlfriend, using terms such as “lesbian erasure.”

In response, Black Panther co-writer Joe Robert Cole claimed, “I know that there were quite a few conversations around different things, different directions with different characters, and characters that we may have.”

The Advocate, a popular LGBT magazine, also criticized the lack of LGBT representation in Black Panther, publishing a video titled, “What About LGBT Representation in Black Panther?” in which Cole’s “vague” reply when asked about the exclusion of LGBT characters was also criticized.

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