Brian Kemp ‘Has Proven’ Critics ‘Wrong'

Brian Kemp ‘Has Proven’ Critics ‘Wrong'

ATLANTA, Georgia — Vice President Mike Pence defended Georgia Gov.

Brian Kemp against establishment media and leftist critics who just weeks ago inaccurately predicted widescale doom as Georgia moved to aggressively reopen its economy ahead of schedule.

Brian Kemp has proven them wrong every day,” Pence said when Breitbart News asked him and Kemp during a press gaggle to respond to critics throughout the media and left who ripped Kemp at the outset of the reopening process.

Later, during the Waffle House roundtable, Pence noted that case numbers and hospitalizations continue dropping in Georgia even as testing increases–a remarkable feat, he said, since one would think that increasing testing would lead to a spike in cases.

In the press gaggle inside Star Cafe, Pence told Breitbart News that all 50 states are reopening now.

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