Britain Ready to Outlaw Hezbollah Terrorist Group

Britain Ready to Outlaw Hezbollah Terrorist Group

The UK Home Secretary Sajid Javid is ready to outlaw the Iran-sponsored Lebanese terrorist group Hezbollah in its entirety, a senior Conservative source has said.

According to a report in the Jewish Chonicle, Mr. Javid will take “decisive action” after last weekend’s Al Quds Day march in London, where Hezbollah terror flags were once again flown.

A Tory source quoted by the JC said: “Sajid is a very different beast to the Home Secretary he has just replaced.

I have today requested an urgent meeting with the Home Secretary to discuss this matter.”

Metropolitan Police Commander Jane Conners said both she and Commissioner Cressida Dick “share concerns” that the raising of the anti-Israel Hezbollah flag on London’s streets “may be construed as belonging to a terrorist organisation.”

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