Brother of Officer Allegedly Murdered by Illegal

Brother of Officer Allegedly Murdered by Illegal

The brother of 33-year-old police officer Ronil Singh, who was allegedly murdered by an illegal alien gang member, says the United States must “put a stop” to illegal immigration to prevent other families from having to suffer the loss a loved one.

The illegal alien, whom authorities said is a “known” gang member, had been caught by police after a more than 50-hour manhunt where seven of his illegal alien friends and family members allegedly aided him in his attempt to flee to Mexico.

“Every law enforcement officer making a traffic stop, they should feel comfortable making that traffic stop.”

As Breitbart News reported, President Trump called the Singh family, as well as Newman Police Chief Randy Richardson and Sheriff Adam Christianson of Stanislaus County, to offer his condolences.

Reggie said he and his family watched Trump’s Oval Office address on border security and illegal immigration this week, telling CBS Sacramento that “it felt good” that the president was addressing the problem directly.

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