China Boosting Number of Warplane Incursions into South Korea

China Boosting Number of Warplane Incursions into South Korea

South Korea has expressed frustration and concern over the growing number of intrusions into its air defense identification zone at the hands of Chinese military aircraft in recent years, the South China Morning Post (SCMP) reported Wednesday.

SCMP learned from Seoul that Chinese military’s incursions into South Korea’s airspace have “nearly doubled” in recent years.

“According to the South Korean Air Force, the number of Chinese military aircraft entering its [defense] identification zone is rising.

Although international treaties do not cover air defense identification zones (ADIZs), it is considered the standard practice to notify the nation concerned before entering its airspace, the Morning Post noted.

The South Korean defense ministry accused a Chinese warplane of entering its air defense zone without notice last Monday, expressing “serious concerns” and calling for “measures to prevent recurrences” to Du Nongyi, the Chinese military attaché to South Korea, SCMP revealed.

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