China Making 'Unprecedented Effort to Influence' Midterms

China Making 'Unprecedented Effort to Influence' Midterms

WASHINGTON, DC — China is making an “unprecedented effort to influence American opinion” during the ongoing congressional elections season and poses the “most long-term counter-intelligence threat” facing the United States, top U.S. national security officials told lawmakers Wednesday.

During a Senate panel hearing, U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen addressed the “threats that we see from nation states … with respect to our elections,” telling lawmakers, “China absolutely is on an unprecedented, or exerting unprecedented effort to influence American opinion … we have not seen to date any Chinese attempts to compromise election infrastructure.”

Last month, President Trump accused China of trying to meddle in the November 6 congressional elections, arguing that Beijing does not want Republicans to do well.

Against my administration,” the Republican president declared at a September 26 United Nations Security Council meeting.

U.S. intelligence officials did find that Moscow has employed widespread campaigns to influence the American elections.

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