China Mulls Plan to Tax Adults Under 40 for 'Reproduction Fund'

China Mulls Plan to Tax Adults Under 40 for 'Reproduction Fund'

Chinese state media suggests that the number of women who are capable of having children will drop by 40 percent within the next ten years.

According to the Global Times, a government-run newspaper, the recently-published report by Nanjing University professors warned that China must “immediately remove birth limits as a short-term response” to the impending demographic disaster.

One mother, Dora Li, told the newspaper that the proposal may actually trigger more of a population drop rather than increase the age of youth, saying, “Many mothers were forced to go overseas to have a second baby because of the one-child policy.

In Jianxi province, authorities announced in June that they would implement policies making it more difficult for families to abort baby girls in an attempt to increase the future population of women of child-rearing age.

Also last month, at least one Chinese company began responding to the government’s demands to make childbearing easier by offering women on staff expanded maternity benefits, including funding for freezing their eggs to allow for future reproduction.

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