China Signs Agreement to Assist Nigeria Against Boko Haram

China Signs Agreement to Assist Nigeria Against Boko Haram

China has reportedly pledged over $7 million “in military equipment and training in support of Nigeria’s counter-insurgency operations in the northeast,” Boko Haram’s birthplace and stronghold, Vanguard reported.

At the forum, he held bilateral discussions with President Xi Jinping on several areas of cooperation particularly in the area of military to military relations,” the Chinese ambassador said.

On the same day that Beijing and Abuja signed the MOU, China’s state-run Global Times defended Beijing construction of its first overseas naval base in the African country of Djibouti in 2017.

Defending China against accusations that Beijing is expanding its footprint on the African continent for its abundant resources, Global Times acknowledged, “China’s influence on the continent will inevitably expand, but it’s a result of enhancing economic cooperation and political trust.

China is using its economic clout in Africa to promote a “new international order” and encourage countries to adopt its communist ideology, experts like Yun Sun from the Stimson Center think-tank told American lawmakers in December.

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