Chinese Media on NBA Scandal: 'The Hong Kong Riots Are Just Like 9

Chinese Media on NBA Scandal: 'The Hong Kong Riots Are Just Like 9

China’s Global Times defended Chinese internet users allegedly acting independently of the government for praising the September 11, 2001, terrorist attacks as revenge for an NBA executive expressing support for the pro-democracy protests in Hong Kong.

He is still receiving vitriolic tweets from alleged Chinese people – Twitter is banned in China and the company has caught the Communist Party using fabricated accounts to spread propaganda – celebrating the September 11 attacks.

After all, freedom of speech,'” the Global Times reported – not noting that Americans indeed have the freedom to praise the terrorist attacks without government retribution and that members of Congress have referred to them dismissively without going to prison.

“Chinese netizens vowed to draw a clear line with the NBA after league Commissioner Adam Silver defended Morey, who showed solidarity with Hong Kong rioters in his tweet,” the Global Times claimed, without clarifying that “netizens” who disagree with Beijing face swift incarceration.

The Chinese Foreign Ministry tacitly supported the online vitriol hurled at Morey and other Americans for supporting the protests in a statement Tuesday.

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