Chinese Museum ‘Upgrades’ by Replacing Past Leaders with Xi Jinping Propaganda

Chinese Museum ‘Upgrades’ by Replacing Past Leaders with Xi Jinping Propaganda

The Shekou Museum of China’s Reform and Opening-Up in Shenzhen, China, just emerged from a few months of renovations with an “upgraded” layout that replaces tributes to visionary President Deng Xiaoping with glowing tributes to China’s current and increasingly dictatorial leader, Xi Jinping.

The Wall Street Journal on Monday pointed out the unmistakable symbolism of relegating Deng Xiaoping to the status of Xi Jinping’s warmup act on the 40th anniversary of Deng’s policy reforms:

At the national art museum in Beijing, paintings of Mr. Xi and his late father—who helped steer reforms as a provincial chief—were displayed prominently at a reform-anniversary exhibition, overshadowing artwork depicting Deng and other past leaders.

A state publisher released a 371-page book titled “Research Into Xi Jinping Thought on Reform and Opening-Up.” State media credited Mr. Xi’s stints as a regional leader for development successes in Fujian and Zhejiang provinces.

Visitors to the National Museum of Art in Beijing were somewhat surprised to see very little sign of Deng Xiaoping in the exhibit dedicated to the 40th anniversary of Deng’s reforms.

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