Claire McCaskill Claims Trump's Border-Wall Push Hurts Anti-Drug Campaign

Claire McCaskill Claims Trump's Border-Wall Push Hurts Anti-Drug Campaign

Trump and his deputies are pushing on several fronts to block the movement of Chinese fentanyl, for example, by pressing Chinese government officials to block fentanyl production in their government-controlled society, and by indicting Chinese producers and distributors.

Trump is also pushing for a border wall that would curb the movement of Mexican-smuggled drugs, including drugs that are produced in China.

The bill includes funds to support the hiring of 375 new CBP officers for deployment to our air and land ports of entry and 375 new Border Patrol agents (instead of the 750 requested by the President) … The bill rejects the President’s request to increase the number of detention beds to 52,000 [for detaining migrants].

These funds will deploy detection technology and improve interdiction at ports of entry and international mail facilities, add 15 new CBP drug detection canine teams, expand opioid and other illicit drug investigations (including training in opioid cyber investigative techniques) to combat supply chains using the “dark web,” and develop opioid detectors to protect law enforcement officers and canines who come in contact with dangerous doses.

Immigration also pulls investment and wealth away from heartland states because investment flows towards the large immigrant populations living in the coastal states.

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