CNN's Kirsten Powers on Beto O'Rourke

CNN's Kirsten Powers on Beto O'Rourke

JIM SCIUTTO: Looking at the big race, the national race, and O’Rourke made this clear, he said that Democrats kind of have to stick together, that there focus is on beating Donald Trump, and they should be in-fighting and so on.

Not Brooklyn, right, but who is going to win the districts that turned the race in 2016 and will likely turn it in 2020?

KIRSTEN POWERS: Well, I think you need to be focused on that, but you also have to be focused on turning out base voters, people who didn’t show up, who showed up for Obama, but then didn’t show up for Hillary.

So, the fact that he gets this Vanity fair cover and I feel like he is getting kind of this special treatment that is not proportionate to what he has done.

It is not clear to me why he is on the cover of vanity fair and Kamala Harris isn’t.

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