Conservatives Will Not Be Silent About Online Censorship

Conservatives Will Not Be Silent About Online Censorship

If these Americans did their homework in the days before the elections, they might have encountered a disturbing piece of fake news: Google search results listed the ideology of the California Republican Party as “Nazism.”

This reprehensible smear was an insult to millions of California Republicans, living and dead — especially those who, like Richard Nixon and Ronald Reagan, worked to free the world from totalitarianism during World War II and the Cold War.

In recent years, the censorship campaign has spread to Silicon Valley and especially social media, where some of the most important political debates in our country are taking place.

Of course, that was before citizens started using social media to express thoughts and support candidates that some Silicon Valley liberals deemed unacceptable.

That is how the world’s largest search engine — responsible for 90 percent of all Internet searches — ended up spreading fake news about a major political party just days before an election.

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