Corey Stewart Takes Virginia GOP Senate Primary by a Hair

Corey Stewart Takes Virginia GOP Senate Primary by a Hair

Late counted votes from Northern Virginia put populist nationalist U.S. Senate candidate Corey Stewart over the top in the Republican primary to face incumbent Sen. Tim Kaine (D-VA).

In a direct reversal of last year’s gubernatorial primary, where Stewart lost to Republican lobbyist Ed Gillespie by fewer than 5,000 votes, the Prince William County immigration hardliner appears to have scraped out a narrow win over delegate Nick Freitas, on whom the Virginia Republican establishment had pinned their hopes of defeating Stewart.

“Or it can choose the past with everything we know that has failed, and that’s Hillary Clinton’s running mate Tim Kaine.”

Stewart’s victory came after enduring a barrage of late attacks from Freitas and the Republican establishment, both in Virginia and from outside the state.

While he will carry his party’s banner into November, Stewart faces an uphill battle against Tim Kaine, the incumbent senator and former governor of Virginia who served as Hillary Clinton’s running mate in 2016.

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