Coronavirus: China Boasts of Successful Double-Lung Transplant

Coronavirus: China Boasts of Successful Double-Lung Transplant

Chinese state media recently boasted about a successful double-lung transplant operation to treat the Wuhan coronavirus, the Epoch Times noted Wednesday, amid growing evidence that the Communist Party is harvesting the organs of religious minorities and political prisoners to sell on the black market.

“In the long-term practice in the PRC of forced organ harvesting it was indeed Falun Gong practitioners who were used as a source—probably the principal source—of organs for forced organ harvesting,” the report noted.

Even in countries with long-established and well publicized transplant programs….In general terms, waiting times for organs can be months or years.

This month, a doctoral researcher provided Breitbart News with the testimony of a Chinese labor camp survivor that China was likely carving out the organs of political prisoners to help supply patients with lung failure amid the Chinese coronavirus epidemic.

“World governments have not publicly challenged China as to the source of its organs, and international medical and human rights organizations have also failed to raise public concerns as to the scale of the PRC [People’s Republic of China] transplant system and the real source of organs,” he added in his report.

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