Croatia Warns 60,000 Migrants Ready to Break into EU

Croatia Warns 60,000 Migrants Ready to Break into EU

The Croatian government has sounded an alarm to the rest of the European Union claiming that the Balkan migrant route may reopen in the very near future with 60,000 migrants ready to cross into the political bloc.

The Croatian Interior Ministry has warned that migrants may be gearing up to try a new route through the Balkan states going through Greece to Albania, then Montenegro, Bosnia and into Croatia.

In the first four months of 2018, there has been a significant increase in migrants attempting to cross the Croatian border with Slovenia.

Along with the estimated 60,000 migrants already in the Balkans, the number of migrants crossing from Turkey into Greece has also increased dramatically this year.

Another major factor that has the potential to spark a new migrant crisis is the recent proposal by the Greek government to allow migrants held on islands in the Aegean the ability to travel freely to the mainland.

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