Cruz, Lee on Next Virus Legislation

Cruz, Lee on Next Virus Legislation

Both said any future legislation should be about recovery in the form of tax cuts and regulatory easing to help small businesses get back to work.

“They were designed to provide emergency relief — short term emergency, short-term emergency bridge loans for individuals and families and small businesses to help them get through the immediate crisis they were facing,” Cruz said.

One place to start is every regulation, state regulations, local regulations, that have been suspended because of the crisis, to deal with the crisis, I think we should all start with the presumption that those regulations should stay suspended going forward.

Both lawmakers are working on legislation to address these concerns, including the Right to Test Act to give states authority to approve and distribute tests during a national health emergency and the Prime Act to gives states more authority in regulating meat processing plants instead of federal control, which during the coronavirus has led to bottlenecks in the food supply chain.

The proposal read, in part, “This list is not comprehensive; more suspended rules at the local, state, and federal levels are coming to our attention on a daily basis.This is not surprising, simply because so many rules have accumulated over the past 50 years.

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