Delingpole: No, Wellcome Collection, 'Womxn' Is Not a Real Word

Delingpole: No, Wellcome Collection, 'Womxn' Is Not a Real Word

If the trans rights movement were a zombie aimed at destroying Western Civilisation — and it is — then it wouldn’t be one of the stumbling, shambling ones you see on Walking Dead.

Which is to say no other identity politics movement has suborned our culture with such terrifying rapidity as trans rights.

These people — often fresh from “Uni” where they have imbibed all the worst idiocies of post-modernism and neo-Marxist identity politics — make no contribution to the institution’s core business.

Not content with having ‘TERFs’ like Julie Bindel and Linda Bellos harassed out of public-speaking events, or with successfully invading or closing down 15 public meetings of trans-sceptics in recent months, or with carrying out at least six incidents of violence or intimidation against feminists who oppose changes to the Gender Recognition Act that would make it easier for men to claim to be women, now trans activists want the police to punish ‘transphobic’ (read: heretical) speech.

We should boycott the Wellcome Collection, men and women alike.

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