Did 'hotshot' reporter Ali Watkins simply benefit from top-secret pillow talk?

Did 'hotshot' reporter Ali Watkins simply benefit from top-secret pillow talk?

Last week, a shock indictment revealed that prior to joining the Times, Watkins had a three-year romantic relationship with former Senate Intelligence Committee aide James A. Wolfe, 58, who was accused by federal prosecutors of leaking sensitive information to journalists, including Watkins herself.

McClatchy brass told the Washington Post they were not aware of Watkins’ relationship with Wolfe, and vice president Tim Grieve told the Post he wasn’t sure if she used her lover as a source.

BuzzFeed editor Ben Smith won’t comment on a reporters sources “in the middle of an unjustifiable leak hunt,” while a Politico spokesperson told Fox News that Watkins “did not disclose the personal nature of her relationship early on in her tenure” but once it was disclosed she was “managed accordingly.” The HuffPost did not immediately respond when asked if they were aware of her relationship with Wolfe.

Much like fellow star reporter Glenn Thrush, Watkins eventually migrated from Politico to The New York Times.

She received a letter back in Feb. notifying her that the Justice Department obtained her records, but the star reporter did not inform the Times until late last week — at the advice of her lawyer, according to the paper.

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