'Diversity Not a Choice': May to Force Firms to Publish 'Ethnicity Pay Gap'

'Diversity Not a Choice': May to Force Firms to Publish 'Ethnicity Pay Gap'

According to the proposals, bosses must reveal how much different ethnic minority employees earn compared to white people, with difference likely to be blamed on racism and discrimination.

The results are likely to reveal disparities as different ethnic groups in the UK have traditionally been concentrated in different employment areas.

And, according to the Office for National Statistics, 74 percent of Indians aged 16 to 64 are in employment, compared to just 55 percent of Pakistanis and Bangladeshis and 76 percent of white British people.

The “Audit’s Ethnicity facts and figures website data… reveals significant disparities in the pay and progression of ethnic minority employees compared to their white counterparts,” Number 10 said this week.

“That’s why I’m delighted to launch the Race at Work Charter, which gives businesses a clear set of actions to work towards in helping to create greater opportunities for ethnic minority employees at work.”

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