Donny Deutsch: Trump 'Is an Evil Man'

Donny Deutsch: Trump 'Is an Evil Man'

Friday on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe,” during a discussion about President Donald Trump’s reported reference to “shithole countries,” network contributor Donny Deutsch said Trump was “an evil man.”

Deutsch said, “I think there’s a word we have to start to use with Donald Trump in addition to all of the crazy talk you have right now.

This is just an evil, evil man.

You know, after that, it was — if in any way you could twist that racist statement, but then you add, ‘But let’s let the white guys in.’ By the way, when I say white, Norway, ‘Let’s let the Aryans in.’ You know what I mean?

Not ‘Let’s let more British in.’ ‘Let’s the Norwegians in.’ And so we are talking now our president is not only racist, is not only stupid, is not only imbalanced, he is evil.”

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