Drink Contaminated Water ‘Until You Tap Out or Resign’

Drink Contaminated Water ‘Until You Tap Out or Resign’

Actor-turned environmental activist Arnold Schwarzenegger targeted EPA administrator Scott Pruitt with a heinous Twitter taunt demanding that Pruitt drink contaminated water “until you tap out or resign.”

“I’m a simple guy so I have a simple remedy when people like Pruitt ignore or hide pollution,” Schwarzenegger tweeted on Wednesday, “if you don’t have a problem with Americans drinking contaminated drinking water, drink it yourself until you tap out or resign.”

The actor and former Governor of California was apparently upset over the EPA’s decision to block a study that would have set stricter rules for chemicals in drinking water, Politico reported.

In February, Schwarzenegger slammed the EPA chief calling him as the “wrong person” for the job.

Schwarzenegger continued saying, “He does not represent the people.

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