EU Parliament Brexit Boss Demands Populists Be Shut Out

EU Parliament Brexit Boss Demands Populists Be Shut Out

The hardline federalist Guy Verhofstadt used a speech to call Mr. Farage and other right-wing and populist leaders a “fifth column”.

He also demanded that elected populist governments be shut out by the unelected bureaucrats leading the European Union (EU).

He also named Viktor Orbán, the Hungarian premier, Matteo Salvini, the Italian populist leader and Minister of the Interior, and Jaros?aw Kaczy?ski, the chairman of Poland’s conservative governing party.

“It is time we stopped corporation with people like Orbán, Kaczy?ski, [and] Salvini, who are in fact working with these nationalists and these populists,” he said.

The European Commission, the bloc’s unelected executive branch, is currently moving to punish elected populist and conservative governments implementing the will of their people.

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