Facebook Oversight Board Will Use International Speech Norms to Police Americans

Facebook Oversight Board Will Use International Speech Norms to Police Americans

Facebook’s Oversight Board, which will hear appeals on content removal and is packed with left-wing members, will herald a further shift away from a “a U.S. constitutional-law paradigm towards an international human rights approach” towards censorship and free speech.

In an article, which was shared on Twitter by Catalina Botero-Marino, one of the Facebook Oversight board’s four co-chairs, Parmer hails the shift away from American norms towards European and international ones:

The move away from American free speech norms and towards “international human rights standards” means less free speech, and more curtailing of so-called “hate speech.” In contrast to America’s First Amendment tradition, international human rights law’s idea of “free speech” is any speech that political elites haven’t categorized as hateful or “harmful.”

That document admitted that Google and other tech companies, including Facebook, “shifted towards censorship” after 2016, moving away from the American tradition, which in Google’s view “prioritizes free speech for democracy, not civility,” and the European approach, which “favors dignity over liberty, and civility over freedom.”

Facebook’s refusal to let American users be governed by American speech norms is, according to Parmar, another sign that Silicon Valley is using its vast power over online speech to introduce Soros-backed international and European speech norms into American public discourse.

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