Four Ways Speaker Ryan Can Block the Discharge Amnesty

Four Ways Speaker Ryan Can Block the Discharge Amnesty

House Speaker Paul Ryan has many tools to prevent the discharge petition from reaching the House floor — and even to prevent a clear majority of legislators from passing the planned amnesty.

Voters can make their opinions clear, and the President can threaten a veto, but House Speaker Ryan has the institutional and political power to make or break the amnesty petition — and to avoid turning the floor over to Rep. Nancy Pelosi in the run-up to the November election.

“Kill this discharge petition in the cradle — bring the [Goodlatte] bill to the floor and make [GOP] people vote for it,” she said.

A big fight would show the base that their legislators are fighting for them, and show voters what immigration policies are being pushed by Democrats, she said, adding “a big ‘ol fight right before the midterms would be hugely clarifying.”

If the Member is successful in convincing a majority of the total membership of the House (218 Members) to sign a discharge petition, the motion to discharge is placed on the Calendar of Motions to Discharge Committees and becomes eligible for consideration on the second or fourth Monday of the month after a seven legislative day layover

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