George W Bush: 'I'm Disturbed' by Immigration 'Debate Taking Place'

George W Bush: 'I'm Disturbed' by Immigration 'Debate Taking Place'

Former President George W. Bush says he’s “disturbed” by the immigration debate occurring under President Trump, where after decades, Americans are speaking out against mass immigration to the United States.

Since the 1990’s, the U.S. has been admitting on average more than 1.5 million legal immigrants to the country every year — the vast majority of which are arriving from Central America and Mexico and are unskilled workers who compete for scarce blue collar jobs with working and middle class Americans.

Trump has sought a merit-based legal immigration system that reduces the number of immigrants admitted to the U.S. every year to about 500,000 and gives priority to those who speak English.

Currently, the legal immigration system to the U.S. prioritizes foreign nationals who have foreign relatives already living in the country.

Though Bush remained quiet about public policy during President Obama’s tenure, he spoke out in February against the Trump administration seeking to prioritize Americans over foreign nationals in the immigration debate.

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