Good Friday Services Commemorate Victims of Abortion

Good Friday Services Commemorate Victims of Abortion

A national pro-life group says its “Way of the Cross” services celebrated on Good Friday at nearly 100 abortion facilities throughout the country will commemorate the victims of abortion.

Pro-Life Action League organized the services at which pro-life activists will “contemplate the suffering of Jesus Christ at our own modern day Golgotha, the abortion clinic,” said a profile of the event.

Scheidler observed that victims of abortions are not only the unborn babies, but also women suffering in the wake of their abortions and former abortion clinic workers, such as Abby Johnson, whose transformation from Planned Parenthood clinic manager to pro-life leader is told in the new film Unplanned.

“There’s no better day to remember the victims of abortion than Good Friday, when we remember the suffering and execution of Jesus Christ, an innocent man who preached the value of every single human life,” Scheidler added, pointing out that the prayer vigils have become a central feature of the annual Holy Week religious observance for many pro-life advocates.

The Good Friday event comes only one week after the pro-life organization co-directed the National Pro-Life Candlelight Vigil, which was attended by about 10,000 individuals outside Planned Parenthood clinics throughout 40 states.

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