GOP pols slam Rosenstein, say staff 'shaking' in fear over 'threats'

GOP pols slam Rosenstein, say staff 'shaking' in fear over 'threats'

GOP lawmakers accused the Justice Department of "intimidation" on the heels of a Fox News report that Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein once threatened to "subpoena" House committee members, with one lawmaker now claiming staffers have been left “physically shaking” over Rosenstein's tactics.

The DOJ and FBI have disputed the characterizations of the meetings, with a DOJ official telling Fox News that officials in the room described the characterization of events as false.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions, whose recusal in 2017 put Rosenstein in charge of the Russia investigation, backed his deputy Tuesday night.

"[A]nd today we learned in Catherine’s report that ... Rod Rosenstein was threatening members of the House Intelligence Committee for doing their job, for trying to get answers for the American people and the attorney general says ‘that’s okay, we’re doing just fine’?”

A senior Justice Department official told Fox News that Rosenstein and others have offered to meet Thursday with a group of House leaders known as the Gang of Eight, regarding earlier record requests.

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