Grassley Announces Kavanaugh Senate Hearings Sept. 4–7

Grassley Announces Kavanaugh Senate Hearings Sept. 4–7

WASHINGTON, DC – Chairman Chuck Grassley (R-IA) announced on Friday that his Senate Judiciary Committee will hold hearings on Judge Brett Kavanaugh’s nomination for the U.S. Supreme Court on September 4 through 7, giving the Senate time to confirm him before the Supreme Court begins its annual term on October 1.

While senators received 172,000 pages on Justice Elena Kagan and 184,000 pages on Justice Neil Gorsuch, lawmakers received an all-time record of over 900,000 pages of documents on Kavanaugh – the largest number of Executive Branch records ever submitted to the Senate for a Supreme Court nominee in American history.

“President Trump did his part by putting forward an incredibly well-qualified nominee for the Supreme Court, and now Chairman Grassley is doing his part to confirm the newest justice before the Court begins its extremely important work,” said National Rifle Association board member Ken Blackwell in an exclusive statement to Breitbart News.

“Today Senator Chuck Grassley has kept a promise to the American people by setting timely dates for the confirmation hearings of Supreme Court Justice nominee Brett Kavanaugh,” said Tea Party Patriots Citizens Fund Chairman Jenny Beth Martin.

Concluding the committee hearings on September 7 allows the full Senate more than two full weeks to confirm Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court well in advance of the Supreme Court term, which by law begins on the first Monday of October.

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