Hollywood Doesn't Think I'm 'White Enough' for Many Roles

Hollywood Doesn't Think I'm 'White Enough' for Many Roles

Italian American actress Jennifer Esposito complained about not being chosen for roles because she isn’t “white enough,” in a recent Facebook post.

“Have a question for my actor friends – ever get totally blocked by casting directors?” Jennifer Esposito wrote on her Facebook page.

?” the Blue Bloods star added.

A strong supporter of left-wing values, Esposito recently joined with Chelsea Handler and Amy Schumer to take part in the “Dear Ivanka” campaign that urged Ivanka Trump to speak out against the “crisis” of migrant children being separated from their parents at the U.S.-Mexico border.

The campaign urges Ivanka Trump to help “End these racist, inhumane, and unconscionable abuses now!” and to “call for the resignation of Secretary Neilsen!”

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