Hundreds Arrested for Violating Coronavirus Quarantine

Hundreds Arrested for Violating Coronavirus Quarantine

Philippine police arrested hundreds on the island of Luzon for breaking quarantine measures on Wednesday, meant to curb the spread of the Chinese coronavirus in the country.

The Philippine government recently implemented a severe crackdown on people violating quarantine mandates.

These threats of jail time became a reality this week when police arrested hundreds of quarantine violators in Cagayan Valley, a region of Luzon, many of whom were detained for breaking curfew.

The health department refutes these claims, insisting that any people tested by the Research Institute for Tropical Medicine (RITM) – which processes Chinese coronavirus tests – displayed symptoms.

A list released last week by a whistle-blower in the health department’s RITM reportedly shows that the Supreme Court justice, police chiefs, and their wives were among the “VIPs” recently tested.

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