'Identify a Nazi Parent' Daycare Booklet Citing 'Girls with Braids'

'Identify a Nazi Parent' Daycare Booklet Citing 'Girls with Braids'

A new booklet for daycare workers that claims to help identify “Nazi parents” suggests looking out for girls with braided hair and athletic boys.

was designed by the far-left “anti-hate” Amadeu Antonio Foundation ,which is headed by former Stasi informant Annette Kahane and based in Berlin with the foreword being written by Social Democrat (SPD) Family Minister Franziska Giffey, Berliner Kurier reports.

Vice-Chairman of Chancellor Angela Merkel’s Christian Democratic Union (CDU) parliamentary group Nadine Schön slammed the booklet saying the case studies and suggestions were “absurd.”

The Amadeu Antonio Foundation defended the booklet claiming that the case studies were based on real-life cases they had witnessed including a girl with braided hair whose parents turned out to be far-right extremists.

The petition singles out the booklet saying, “The Amadeu Antonio Foundation, under the guise of fighting Hate Speech, is calling on citizens to denounce, report or criminalise other citizens.”

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