Ilhan Omar seeks to clarify call for 'not 1 dollar for DHS'

Ilhan Omar seeks to clarify call for 'not 1 dollar for DHS'

The Minnesota Democrat, who has been a harsh critic of DHS, and particularly its Immigration and Customs Enforcement arm, tweeted Friday, “#Not1Dollar for DHS.”

But, after Fox News reported that she had called for cutting funding to DHS, she subsequently claimed her tweet had advocated a freeze in the DHS budget, not a cut.

She tweeted Sunday afternoon: “@RepPressley, @RepRashida, @RepAOC and I are calling for #not1dollar more in new funding for Trump’s abuses under DHS.”

; and Rashida Tlaib, D-Mich. — earlier this month penned a letter to lawmakers on the bicameral, bipartisan conference committee tasked with drafting new legislation to address border-security and DHS funding under the Trump administration, amid growing calls from Democrats to abolish (ICE) Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

She also has posted several tweets attacking Israel, including one in which she agreed with a liberal activist that current-day Israel is similar to the U.S. South during the era of racial segregation.

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