Iranian Journalists Quit State TV over Ukrainian 'Plane Crash' Cover-Up

Iranian Journalists Quit State TV over Ukrainian 'Plane Crash' Cover-Up

Two Iranian state TV journalists reportedly quit their jobs on Monday in response to the Islamic regime lying about shooting down a Ukrainian civilian airliner.

Two journalists working for the Iranian state broadcaster, Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting (IRIB), announced they are quitting their jobs, according to a report by the U.K.

A third presenter, Gelare Jabbari — who had reportedly already quit her job “some time ago” — also chimed in, apologizing to her followers on social media in Farsi and asking them to forgive her for the thirteen years of “lies” she had told them on behalf of the Iranian government.

According to a translation from the Guardian, the Association of Iranian Journalists has also chimed in, stating that Iran is witnessing “a funeral for public trust,” adding that the already questionable reputation of Iranian state media is becoming further damaged among its people.

The Association of Iranian Journalists reportedly continued with the following statement:

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