Islamic State Threatens to Derail Egyptian Elections with Attacks

Islamic State Threatens to Derail Egyptian Elections with Attacks

In an edited video released by IS, the organization claims that elected leaders are a sort of competition to the will of Allah as they write laws over men and present a civil and secular alternative to the laws of Allah as they appear in Islam.

The spokesman for Wilyat Sinai, IS’ Egyptian branch, threatens in the video to attack election headquarters and polling places.

IS spokespeople promised Egyptian soldiers and the leaders of the Egyptian regime that their military campaign against IS will fail and the fight against the soldiers and the Egyptian army will continue.

The organization claimed that the Egyptian army is acting to destroy the homes of Muslims in Sinai and that IS fighters will respond to the alleged brutal campaign of destroying homes.

Egyptian authorities have claimed in the past that Omar was killed during terrorist activity with the Muslim Brotherhood against the Egyptian army, but Omar appears in the video as an IS operative in Sinai.

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