Israel Uncovers Second Cross-Border Hezbollah Terror Tunnel

Israel Uncovers Second Cross-Border Hezbollah Terror Tunnel

IDF spokesperson Lt. Col. Jonathan Conricus stated: “The tunnel from Ramia that crosses into Israel does not constitute an immediate threat.”

According to Conricus, earlier Thursday Israel provided UNIFIL’s commander with a map and data regarding the newly-uncovered tunnel.

Earlier on Thursday, a senior Israeli official said that Israel may need to take action inside Lebanon in order to achieve the goals of its ongoing operation on the northern border and destroy Hezbollah’s attack tunnels.

He added that the decision to launch Operation Northern Shield earlier this week was out of concern that details of the operation would be leaked to Hezbollah.

By the time the IDF’s operation is over, Hezbollah’s attack tunnels “will no longer exist,” the prime minister vowed.

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