Jerome Hudson Exposes Left's Lies on Immigration, Climate Change

Jerome Hudson Exposes Left's Lies on Immigration, Climate Change

“The political Left says stronger border security is not something Hispanics will support, and the establishment media won’t report the fact that most Border Patrol agents are Hispanic,” Jerome Hudson said.

“Meanwhile those same Democrats vote for spending bills in which taxpayers are left to foot the bill to the tune of billions a year to fund border security in countries around the world.”

“Today, the United States spends 10 times more money providing border security for other countries than we spend to protect our southern border –that’s the truth I expose in this book,” Hudson explained.

Asked about the hidden truth the media refuse to report about climate change, Hudson said “The environmental protection agency reports that carbon emissions from energy use from the U.S. are the lowest since 1992.”

On the most critical issues facing the nation; Jerome Hudson tells you what you won’t hear from your professors; your politicians in Washington, DC; TV pundits; and Hollywood celebrities:

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