Jim Bognet Within ‘Striking Distance’ of Democrat Matt Cartwright

Jim Bognet Within ‘Striking Distance’ of Democrat Matt Cartwright

A survey conducted by Jamestown Associates on behalf of Bognet’s campaign found that Cartwright is leading Bognet at 48 to 43 percent, with nine percent of voters currently undecided.

Thirty-four percent of voters view Bognet in a positive light, while 40 percent negatively view him.

Forty-five percent of voters have a positive view of Cartwright, while 39 percent have a negative view of the incumbent Democrat.

Democrat presidential candidate Joe Biden also leads President Donald Trump by a slim margin of 48 to 46 percent in the district.

Fifty-one percent of Eighth District voters believe their neighbors will vote for Trump, which is often a metric to determine the number of “shy” Trump voters who would not tell pollsters that they plan on voting for the 45th president in November.

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