John Kelly Didn't Follow Trump's Orders to Promote Giuliani's Son

John Kelly Didn't Follow Trump's Orders to Promote Giuliani's Son

A new report in Axios details how White House Chief of Staff John Kelly did not follow President Donald Trump’s orders to promote the son of former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani–and, in fact, took action diametrically opposed to the president’s wishes.

“Several months ago, Donald Trump ordered the promotion of Rudy Giuliani’s son,” Axios’ Jonathan Swan wrote about Andrew Giuliani on Wednesday.

“If Kelly is insubordinate in something like this, there is no telling what other orders he’s ignoring,” a current senior White House official told Breitbart News.

Swan reported that Trump made the decision after dining several months ago at Mar-A-Lago with the elder Giuliani, and ordered his body man Jordan Karem to ensure that Kelly followed through and promoted Andrew Giuliani in the White House to the position “special assistant to the president,” one of the highest level staffer ranks in the White House.

The senior White House official who spoke to Breitbart News about Kelly’s actions here on condition of anonymity added another shot at the body man, Karem, for not following through on the president’s orders on his end.

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