Judges Revive Catch-and-Release For Migrants With Children

Judges Revive Catch-and-Release For Migrants With Children

Administration officials are releasing thousands of migrants with young children into the United States, as required by judges, marking the return of catch-and-release policies for migrants with children.

But a furious rage of protest about “family separation” by progressives and media successfully pressured Trump to release parents of children pending their legal claims.

As U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) statistics reveal, the number of UACs and family units apprehended by the agency entering illegally plummeted after the inauguration of President Trump, falling from a high in FY 2017 of 22,934 (in November 2016) to a low of 2,115 (in April 2017).

That month, 7,152 UACs and family units were apprehended by the Border Patrol, according to CBP… The administration’s efforts to stem the flow of aliens entering the United States illegally were beginning to have an effect by June 2018, when Border Patrol arrested 34,114 aliens along the border (a 15 percent decrease over the month before), including 5,115 UACs (an almost 20 percent decrease) and 9,449 family units (a slight decrease).

The 46 under-5 children still in federal shelter include nine children whose parents are in federal or state custody facing various charges, and 12 children whose parents have been sent home.

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