Kobach says he'll recuse himself from Kansas vote-counting process

Kobach says he'll recuse himself from Kansas vote-counting process

Earlier Thursday, Kansas election officials revealed that Kobach – who received President Trump’s endorsement – was ahead of Colyer by just 121 votes after two counties reported discrepancies in their initial tallies from Tuesday’s election.

The tightening of the vote count prompted Colyer to issue a letter, demanding that Kobach – the state’s top elections official -- refrain from instructing county election officials on the counting of ballots, and Thursday night Kobach said he would comply with the request.

Colyer had publicly accused Kobach, the state's top elections official, of giving county election officials information about the handling of yet-uncounted ballots "inconsistent with Kansas law."

First, in Thomas County in the state's northwest corner, the final, unofficial results posted on the secretary of state's website show Kobach winning there with 466 votes to Colyer's 422.

But the tally posted by the Thomas County clerk's office shows Colyer with 522 votes, or 100 votes more, a number the clerk confirmed to the Associated Press on Thursday.

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