LA Times: Climate Change Is ‘Uprooting Millions of People a Year’

LA Times: Climate Change Is ‘Uprooting Millions of People a Year’

The Los Angeles Times has joined the ranks of global warming alarmists, claiming that climate change is generating mass migration across the globe and fueling the worst refugee crisis “since World War II.”

Climate change “is stoking environmental disasters around the globe and uprooting millions of people a year,” writes LA Times journalist Tracy Wilkinson on Sunday in a piece destined to “stoke” her readers’ climaphobia.

As a result, “so-called climate refugees are often swept into the ranks of economic migrants by unwelcoming, overtaxed governments,” she adds, “as happened with thousands of sub-Saharan and central African men and women who crossed the Mediterranean Sea to reach southern Europe.”

In her essay, Ms. Wilkinson cites Alice Thomas, the head of the climate displacement program at Refugees International, as saying that an “estimated 20 million people are uprooted annually by environmental conditions.”

Wilkinson also uncritically alludes to a remarkably precise World Bank prediction earlier this year regarding the number of internal climate migrants by the middle of the century.

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