Lawsuit: Google Parent Alphabet Lost 'Billions' by Covering Up Sexual Abuse

Lawsuit: Google Parent Alphabet Lost 'Billions' by Covering Up Sexual Abuse

Google parent company Alphabet reportedly lost “billions” of dollars after “covering up sexual abuse” at the company, and now a shareholder is suing because of it.

According to Mercury News, which cited a recent lawsuit from shareholder James Martin, “Alphabet’s board of directors cost the firm billions of dollars by covering up sexual abuse by senior executives and paying them millions as they were quietly ousted.”

Martin is reportedly suing Alphabet’s board of directors over the loss, which came from the company’s stock plummeting during the “fallout” of the scandal.

“A worldwide walkout in November by thousands of Google employees, in response to revelations in the New York Times about Rubin’s alleged golden parachute, cost Google hundreds of millions of dollars beyond the executives’ payouts,” Mercury News reported.

Google executive Andy Rubin was reportedly given a “hero’s farewell” and a $90 million departure package following allegations of sexual abuse and harassment, which prompted thousands of Google employees to stage mass walkout protests at company offices around the world.

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