Left-Wing Protesters Target Rep. Jeff Denham

Left-Wing Protesters Target Rep. Jeff Denham

Left-wing activists in California protested Republican Rep. Jeff Denham’s Q&A at a Modesto Latino Community Roundtable luncheon Tuesday.

A dozen left-wing groups, including Democrat socialists, organized the protest against Denham, according to a release by Lisa Battista, vice president of the Modesto Progressive Democratic Club.

The Republican legislator told the Latino roundtable group that immigration reform legislation will take both parties working together and that he would not give “false promises.” He pointed to legislation he authored to help give U.S. citizenship to foreign nationals who have served in the U.S. military.

Activist organizer Battista told the Bee she was satisfied with Tuesday’s protest turnout.

The two Republican candidates in the primary pulled in a combined 52.1 percent support compared to the 47.9 percent combined pulled in by the six Democrats in the race.

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